Letters of appreciation from those we've helped

I want to take this opportunity to thank you and the Firefighters of Southern Nevada Burn Foundation for your help with this year's "9/11 Firefighters Remembrance Event". This year's turnout was the largest ever and it was an amazing and emotional evening. It is a proud moment to see an event like this that was put together by firefighters for firefighters. I have received nothing but positive compliments and feedback from the Firefighters that were there, the general public and the NYNY.

   - Thanks again, Mike Tomko

As of May first 2009, the Stringer family has come a long way towards recovering from the devastating fire. At this time I would like to personally thank all of those folks that assisted in any way during our families time of need. I would like to especially thank Mike Mossel, Nate Pehcacek, Nino Galloway and the other members of the burn foundation for all of there personal attention and assistance. A special thank you to all the dispatch and communications division personnel for their donation from the " Dispatchers Fund". Thank you to Kyle Cardinal and Charlie Lee for assistance with furniture and all of the other incredibly generous members of our department for all they do. I have many times seen the brother/sister hood in action in assisting those in need but this is the first time I have witnessed first hand how truly generous, caring and giving you all really are. God bless all and thank you again.

    - Gavin O'Hara