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Vote from Feb. 12th - 19th

Select Who's Featured in the 2025 Firefighters of Vegas Calendar

Your opinion matters - help your favorite firefighter catch a coveted spot in the calendar by casting your votes! Firefighters with the most votes will be seen in next year's calendar. Each vote is $1 - voting is live from February 12 to February 19! 

Proceeds from the calendar go towards the missions of the Firefighters of Southern Nevada Burn Foundation, including assistance to families after catastrophic events and sending burn survivors to burn camp. 

1. Jordan, North Las Vegas Fire Dept. : Engineer

2. Seth, Nellis FES : Driver

3. Franklin, Clark County Fire Dept. : Firefighter

Why am I volunteering

I wanted to be part of the change that is responsible for serving and helping my community.

Zach B.

The Burn Foundation's ability to help people rebuild is priceless, and I want to support those efforts from the front line.

Carl L.

Being part of the calendar brings all different departments together for one cause, and I'm proud to be part of it. 

Brennan F.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Voting Campaign Questions We Hear

When is the Calendar released? 

Fall 2025

What is the voting window to choose my favorite Firefighter? 

From February 12 - 19, cast your votes for the finalists. 

How does the voting work? 

$1 = 1 vote. Every dollar counts as a vote. The more dollars the more votes your favorite cause and Firefighter receives. Your voice matters in deciding which firefighter will be on the cover representing the Firefighters of Vegas Calendar.

How can I pre-order a 2025 Calendar? 

Follow our IG account for current updates and pre-order information. 

10. Matthew, Henderson Fire Dept. : Firefighter

11. Christian, Mt. Charleston FPD : Firefighter

12. Josh, North Las Vegas Fire Dept : Firefighter

13. Kolton, Las Vegas Fire & Rescue : Firefighter

14. Mike, Henderson Fire Dept. : Firefighter

15. Dereak, Henderson Fire Dept. : Firefighter/Paramedic

16. Pat, Las Vegas Fire & Rescue : Firefighter

17. Brennan, North Las Vegas Fire Dept. :


18. Allen, Las Vegas Fire & Rescue : Firefighter/Paramedic

19. Jeremy, North Las Vegas Fire Dept. : Captain

20. Reece, Las Vegas Fire & Rescue : Firefighter

21. Steven, Clark County Fire Dept. : Firefighter

22. Kelly, Clark County Fire  Dept. : Engineer/Paramedic

23. Chad, North Las Vegas Fire Dept. : Firefighter

24. Anthony, Las Vegas Fire & Rescue : Captain

25. Shamarlo, Clark County Fire Dept. : Firefighter

26. Kevin, Creech FES : Captain

27. Edgar, Nevada National Security Site : Paramedic

28. Austin, Henderson Fire Dept. : Firefighter/Paramedic

29. Thomas, Henderson Fire Dept. : Firefighter/Paramedic

30. Jason, Las Vegas Fire & Rescue : Captain


Years in Service


of Volunteer Firefighters


Families Positively Impacted

A bit about us

The Firefighters of Southern Nevada Burn Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide assistance to burn victims and their families, assist in catastrophic events as a resource to the community, and educate the community on fire life safety.


The foundation consists of active Firefighters who volunteer from Clark County Fire Department, Las Vegas Fire & Rescue, North Las Vegas Fire Department, Nellis Fire Department, Nevada National Security Site Fire Rescue, and Henderson Fire Department, Creech Fire & Emergency Services. 


For more information on the Firefighters of Southern Nevada Burn Foundation, visit

2021 Auction RSVP

Thanks for submitting!

4. Loren, Las Vegas Fire & Rescue : Firefighter

5. John, Las Vegas Fire & Rescue : Firefighter

6. Carl, Creech FES : Engineer

7. Tyrone, Henderson Fire Dept. : Firefighter

8. Dominic, North Las Vegas Fire Dept. : Firefighter

9. Sean, Henderson Fire Dept. : Medical Services Officer

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